"The Last Bid"
June Newsletter

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  • My Property now competes with a New Development nearby!!
  • How do I make my Home/ Building "stand out" above the Crowd?
  • * Why am I using my Competition's Tactics?
  • * The Definition of Insanity

Let's begin with "new car smell"…..

This week as I was getting my car cleaned up at my favorite car wash, the attendant old me that about the only fragrance used in freshly cleaned used cars was, (you guessed it) … "new car smell". It was requested almost 100% of the time.

As clean and freshly washed as my vehicle was and I might add, it too had just gotten it's application of "new car smell", I new that the aroma would be gone in a day or so. Is this true with a new car? Nope. (Can you see where I am going with this)?

New "anything" is considered better, more desirable, less headaches, easier to maintain, and more popular.

Have you ever bought a new suit/clothes/shoes and now "everything in your closet" became "old"?

Have ever had your "eye" on the new make of car, truck, shotgun, shoes, furniture, computer, T.V., (you get the picture) and then the perfectly good model you owned was just not adequate?

Could you imagine trying to sell these used items of personal property at or near the same price and the same way the stores/vendors are hawking the new models?

What would be your campaign?

"Come try us out… we're used, but we are good and other models nearby like us are selling for the same price".

Would it be a waste of time? Probably. You know why.

Yet, until a seller finds another way to "fight fire", then fighting fire with the same firefight as the "new" seller, could just play you into their hands and you get burned. 

Change tactics.

You may recall that the generals in an army will work at length to figure out the opposing generals or one coach learns the tendencies of another coach. These steps are crucial to success.

The reason these steps are made is that you want the opposing side to have to fight the battle the way you want it fought. "To the victor go the spoils".

As hard as the other seller is playing the "new car smell" card, the "used" seller should play the "lure of the bargain" card.

Any potential buyer that is already "sold on the area" cannot resist the only two motivators (urges) known to mankind, greed and fear.

By changing the tactic of "price-tagging" (the other guys game), to no inhibiting ceiling of value (no price tag) and then congregating the buyers at one time to compete, the seller of the used property is using the nearby market forces in his favor. Knowing when the property will sell and the continued battle against the development

(which may go on and on forever) is over will be a great relief.

This strategy begins with a talk with us.

One last thought….

The "street version" definition of insanity is "continuing to do the same thing the same way and expecting different results". 

Let's learn a new solution. NOW!!!

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