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A prominent family in Jasper, Alabama had 80 properties to liquidate. There were several issues to deal with. Primarily there were multiple famliy members and limited liability companies within the family that owned the properties. This is a great example of committee ownership and the auction method of marketing was the perfect fit to liquidate the assets.

See what our seller had to say about their auction experience:

"I can't begin to tell you how much of a relief selling [our properties]. No one in the family could agree on what the values of these properties were. With family members in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dallas, Texas, Montgomery and Huntsville Alabama it was impossible to come together on prices. Like you said, when you don't know or live in the market it's best to let the market to set the price.

Everyone was quite satisfied with the results. Should you ever need a reference don't hesitate to call on me."

Dub Brown, owner

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