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Prior to the auction, land comparables in the area were approx $3,000 per acre. After 26 rounds of bidding the average price per acre at the end of the auction was $4,831.

After the first round of bidding the temporary high bid in total for the property was $562,547.00. After 25 additional rounds of competitive bidding the final contract price was $934,905.00.

See what our seller had to say about her first auction experience:

"This is to express my appreciation for all the hard work and the time you and your staff put in to make the recent auction of my property in the city of Coosada successful. The turnout far exceeded my expectations and I am convinced that the fair market value of the property was reflected in the final bid. I was impressed by your professoinalism and availability prior to the auction, and I am sure that your skill in conducting the auction contributed to the final selling price. Thanks for a job well done."

Katherine S. Weed

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