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Have you been down the following scenario with a traditional real estate listing?

Price your home 20% above Appraisal
and 1% of Buyers may respond.

Price your home 15% above Appraisal
and 10% of Buyers may respond.

Price your home 10% above Appraisal
and 25% of Buyers may respond.

Price your home at Appraisal
and 50% of Buyers may respond.

Price your home 10% below Appraisal
and 75% of Buyers may respond.

Price your home 15% below Appraisal
and 95% of Buyers may respond.

Price your home 20% below Fair Market Value
and 99% of Buyers may respond.

What type of sales process brings in all Buyers at one time? AUCTION!

Auctioneers cut to the chase and assemble the Buyers from all levels at One Time and One Place!

Why would any Seller want to tell the Market "How High is High"?

Auction Benefits
(A typical "real estate listing" doesn't provide any of the following)

  1. Possibly the single most important benefit is that auctions single out your property from all others for sale. Buyers tend to consider your property first.
  2. You set the terms and conditions; 20% non-refundable earnest money, buyer pays all closing costs and surveys, and closing in 30 days.
  3. You set the condition of the property "as is, where is"
  4. You sell with "no contingencies"
  5. Auctions feature "target rich marketing campaigns" with direct mail brochures, multiple news print media, internet and cable tv and large signs demanding attention.
  6. And to top it all... There is a specific time and date to sell. Auctions establish a "sense of urgency", a "demand", yes, "demand"... and demand creates price and that by-product defines the value of your property.

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